Wedding Planning Tips – Tips To Plan a Wedding

The question has been asked on bended knee, the answer was yes, the family was informed, and the planning is on. Depending on the preferences of the bride and groom, the wedding may be an informal one with family and close friends or it might be the fairy tale princess wedding little girls dream of. It could also be an in between the two and be a medium sized, rent a hall, family and friends and guests of friends wedding. Planning of the wedding usually ends up in the mother of the bride’s hands and in case she is not available another close relative or the best friends of the bride. Some couples hire a wedding planner. Regardless of who plans it there are endless things to do to be ready when the big day arrives.

Invitations have to be delivered in plenty of time for answers confirming who will be there to be sent back. The bridal shower is planned. The bride has to shop for a dress unless there is a family gown that has been reserved for this occasion. In which case it most likely has to be altered and fitted. The bridesmaids have to be chosen as with the matron of honor and best man. Their outfits have to be either rented or purchased and fitted. The location of the wedding has to be decided upon and made sure of availability for the special day. The reverend has to be scheduled for a particular time and day.

The bride and the groom have to choose wedding bands and what vows they will speak. Some couples opt to write their own while some want the traditional wedding vows. The couple decides where to spend their honeymoon and makes reservations in advance to assure the availability of lodging. The photographer has to be chosen so there will be great shots for the wedding album. They also must decide where they are going to live when they return from the honeymoon. Some couples each have their own place and will decide on one to keep. Or they may house shop and find one to start afresh in. In which case they will want to at least partially furnish it so that when they return from the honeymoon, they have a place to live when resuming their everyday lives.

Not only does the wedding itself have to be planned but the reception afterward has to be arranged. What food and drinks to serve, the entertainment, and the place the reception will be held are all important tasks that have to be attended to before the wedding. Hopefully the bride and groom have a lot of friends who want to help make this a very happy day for the couple. Regardless of which type of wedding the bride and groom decide upon they want to make it a very special and memorable day.