Wedding Day Must Haves – Emergency Kit

We all want to think good thoughts when it has to do with our wedding day, right? We all want to believe that nothing is going to happen out of the ordinary, so why plan for such an event? Wrong! Something always happens at weddings; little things, huge things, something! So, you always want to be prepared for whatever you might need at any given moment. And please understand, the bride does not carry around all of these things all day long just in case something happens. Gather these items and put them in a large purse or carry on bag and assign a mom, grandmom, friend, bridesmaid, someone to see that it gets put away in the bride’s dressing or changing room. And they are responsible for it, not you, the bride. So, now that I have you all worried, what are these crucial items that you will need?

Beauty Aids


Barrettes/bobby pins


Hair spray/gel/products


Handy wipes

Make-up remover

Nail polish (the color you’re wearing) and remover

Nail file

Cotton balls



Small blow dryer

Hair straightening tool (if applicable)


Health Aids




Headache/pain reliever

Mints/hard candy

Prescription medication if applicable

Tampons/sanitary pads

Clothing Aids

Extra pair of panty hose

Clear nail polish for panty hose runs

Sewing kit

Earring backs


Comfortable shoes and/or slippers

Extra undergarments



Club soda for stain removal

Important phone numbers


Include anything else that you can think of that might go wrong. Better safe than sorry. Take the time beforehand and look through your bathroom and bedroom areas. Think of all the things you cannot do without and add those to your personal miscellaneous list. Every wedding I’ve ever been in (including my own) and every single one that I’ve planned or consulted on all had emergency kits and the bride and wedding party used many of the items in it. You’ll have peace of mind once you put this together. At least that will be one area under your control. Enjoy!