Traditional English Weddings

Wedding Ceremony is the most important aspect of the life of any person as it bonds two people in the relationship of love and trust for the rest of their lives. People take every measure to make this occasion the very best day of their lives.

There is no dearth of ideas for planning your perfect wedding ceremony and wedding reception. Couples prefer to opt for beautiful countryside to manor homes to host their beautiful and unforgettable wedding ceremony. The quiet rural accommodation gives the perception of a very beautiful English wedding. A traditional wedding is enjoyed by the couple and the guests alike.

In a traditional wedding, little girls preceding the bride scatter flowers on the pathway. The flowers are symbolism of hope and anticipation of a happy life ahead for the bride. The bridesmaid also wear the dresses which are very much like the dress of the bride to wee off any evil and curses coming to the bride.

There are many traditions and customs attached to traditional English wedding. The custom of tying shoes to the cars of the newlyweds also goes back a long time. Initially, the guests present at the wedding used to throw shoes at the bride and groom as they were leaving the church as a symbol of good luck. The tradition has evolved to just tying the shoes to the car of the newlyweds as a symbol of eternal good luck and happy life together.

Traditionally, the guests are thrown a cocktail party or dinner party as part of the wedding celebration after the wedding reception. For this purpose, a traditional English wedding country manor home can be chosen. You have to however keep the number of guests and your budget in mind.

The traditional English wedding cake served at the wedding reception is a fruitcake, usually made with raisins, ground almonds, cherries and marzipan. The upper most layer of the wedding cake is called the christening cake, which the couple saves for the baptism of their first born child.

Another Victorian wedding reception event is called a “ribbon pull”, in which a silver charm is purchased for each of the bridesmaids. The charm is tied to a ribbon and baked within the layers of the wedding cake. It is a custom to pull out the charm by the ribbon and be given to each bridesmaid as a future good luck charm, before the bride and groom have their first bite of the cake.

A traditional English wedding is just incomplete without flowers. The florists take care of all the interior floral arrangements as well as the flowers that need to be carried by the attendants. Poises work best for a traditional English wedding as compared to formal and stiff wedding flowers.

There are many ways in which you can make your traditional English wedding much more special. The ceremony at a traditional venue with beautiful floral decoration and perfect attire for the bride and the bridesmaids can all help to make your wedding special, charming and picturesque and an event to remember forever.