Dove Wedding – Little Touches, Big Impact

White Doves have long been known as symbols of peace, love, good fortune, purity and hope. What an appropriate theme for a wedding. Planning a dove wedding typically means one of two things. 1) The symbol is a theme throughout the wedding and reception and 2) In addition to the theme the wedding includes a live release. This article is going to address the first – that is incorporating the theme into all aspects of your wedding.

Start with your invitation: By incorporating a dove image in your invitation, your guests will immediately know that it is to play a role, whether prominently or subtly in your wedding. Having trouble finding the perfect invitation? Turn to and you will soon have more possibilities than you thought possible. And if you want to create your own invitation, you will be flooded with great ideas! And don’t forget about,too, for inspiration!

Lead your guests to their table with dove place cards: It’s a little touch, but a really nice one! Your guests will take note of this subtle use of your symbol.

Centerpiece & Decorations: Although a smallish, white cage with a real (or fake) bird in it would look lovely on each table – it’s not too practical (and would get it in the way of seeing across the table unless quite small). However, you can look into renting them in a beautiful cage to grace the entrance of your reception.

Dove Party Favors: There are no shortages of themed favors on the market. Research thoroughly because the same favor may be offered on another site for a lower price.