Beach Wedding Favors and Summer Wedding Favors Are a Hot Way to Say Thank You

While spring is a traditionally popular time to have weddings, the summer is also a popular time for them. People love the hot sunny days and the outdoors sun and fun seem to go together. Summer weddings can be a wonderful thing of great beauty and there are so many ways to set the stage for the big event with so many choices in how to the decor and the outdoors can be brought together for the most beautiful event ever.

Summer Wedding Favors can be a great accent to any outdoor wedding. These little things are a wonderful thank you to your guests for attending your special event. Things like little “ALOHA Soap” can really help brighten a table or perhaps a little “Butterfly Tea Light in a Garden theme box”. Summer Wedding Favors come in all different themes, types and style to match most any theme or decor.

The summer is a great time for outdoor weddings like Beach weddings, they are a wonderful thing. There are a lot of different types and styles of beach wedding favors, these can be wonderful thank you gifts. These little mementos are also a great way to add a little extra something to the decor.

There are all kinds of little beach theme gifts like the “Castles In The Sand” Sand Castle Tea Lights, these would add a sweet, fun feel to the decor as well as being a cute little thank you gift and memento. There are so many to choose from like the “Sea Animal” Glass Candle Holders that make a nice gift and spice up the décor. They are lovely little conversation pieces.

With the large variety on the market today, it will be easy to find the right beach/bummer wedding favors for your wedding. Most are very nice Thank you gifts and wonderful little conversation pieces. They also add that some thing extra to the decor to set the mood for fun in the sun. Outdoor weddings are very lovely and are a wonderful setting to start a new life as a couple. Summer is also the best time to plan an outdoor wedding. This gives a lot less chance that a light spring shower or a cold wind will sneak up on you.

When shopping for beach/ summer wedding favors, try shopping online. There is a large variety to choose from and normally a better price. This will also give you time to shop as a couple at your convenience because the online stores are open twenty-four hours a day seven days a week.

Summer is the hot season for outdoor weddings this is a great theme and fun beach / summer wedding favors are great thank you gifts. Beach / summer wedding favors give a sense of fun in the sun and the hot celebration of love and happiness. This will definitely make for a great celebration.

Wedding Planning Tips – Tips To Plan a Wedding

The question has been asked on bended knee, the answer was yes, the family was informed, and the planning is on. Depending on the preferences of the bride and groom, the wedding may be an informal one with family and close friends or it might be the fairy tale princess wedding little girls dream of. It could also be an in between the two and be a medium sized, rent a hall, family and friends and guests of friends wedding. Planning of the wedding usually ends up in the mother of the bride’s hands and in case she is not available another close relative or the best friends of the bride. Some couples hire a wedding planner. Regardless of who plans it there are endless things to do to be ready when the big day arrives.

Invitations have to be delivered in plenty of time for answers confirming who will be there to be sent back. The bridal shower is planned. The bride has to shop for a dress unless there is a family gown that has been reserved for this occasion. In which case it most likely has to be altered and fitted. The bridesmaids have to be chosen as with the matron of honor and best man. Their outfits have to be either rented or purchased and fitted. The location of the wedding has to be decided upon and made sure of availability for the special day. The reverend has to be scheduled for a particular time and day.

The bride and the groom have to choose wedding bands and what vows they will speak. Some couples opt to write their own while some want the traditional wedding vows. The couple decides where to spend their honeymoon and makes reservations in advance to assure the availability of lodging. The photographer has to be chosen so there will be great shots for the wedding album. They also must decide where they are going to live when they return from the honeymoon. Some couples each have their own place and will decide on one to keep. Or they may house shop and find one to start afresh in. In which case they will want to at least partially furnish it so that when they return from the honeymoon, they have a place to live when resuming their everyday lives.

Not only does the wedding itself have to be planned but the reception afterward has to be arranged. What food and drinks to serve, the entertainment, and the place the reception will be held are all important tasks that have to be attended to before the wedding. Hopefully the bride and groom have a lot of friends who want to help make this a very happy day for the couple. Regardless of which type of wedding the bride and groom decide upon they want to make it a very special and memorable day.

A Daughter’s Wedding and Wife’s Departure and the World in Perspective

To My Daughter at Her Wedding

Little girl, Little Jenny
Standing by your father’s side
It’s in you; yes it’s in you
That all my hope resides.
I know now you’re the future
And when my smile fades
Your own eyes will only brighten
As in his arms you stay.

Sweet girl, Sweet Jenny
In whom I’ve seen such pain
You have risen from such darkness
To stand tall where once you’ve lain
Rise boldly now –
For as time draws its shade
You truly will shine much brighter
As in his arms you stay.

Sweet Jenny, Beautiful Bride
Standing by your father’s side
I release you to another
One who holds you with such pride
In his face I see an image —
Your reflection in his eyes
Little Jenny, Little Jenny
I release you – Scott,
Here’s your bride

Your Stepfather,

To My Wife upon Missing Her

You stare up at the heavens
As if to save the pools in your eyes.
I want your soft long face again;
I kept the tightness of our last embrace
To keep the memory
Of what I once saw you develop
Around me, a bursting garden
From shriveled leaves;
If fall is dying, winter is dead,
But like a prizefighter
Who keeps coming out of retirement
We try to resurrect ourselves.
But all good on earth soon dies
To resurrect healthier
On the other side. And the cascades,
One hundred thousand echoes
Of our travels together;
We sang together in the van;
We crossed forests, met between the covers
Of a few good books, or talked
Deep into the morning.
I remember your happy face,
More happy in the eyes
Than in the shape of your smile.
So I didn’t have to look down
To see it. It’s natural to die
I never thought I’d find a heart
So warm and so kind
It too would yearn to cross
The border of time, but it is you!
It is not human to die,
Though death starts slow
Like a locomotive that appears to lull
Soon it too must go.
As the train smashes time’s barrier
And enters your future, exits mine
I grip my fists; my heart is broken
All ends come, all eulogies

To the World on the Subject of Perspective

I grew tired of mastering flight
So I stood on my head with heavy feet,
Let go earth till it looked like a penny;
I decided to live in the blue sky.

It’s a mad rush to watch the sun set
Into eastern clouds each morning
And stare down past your feet, see it creeping
Till red fingered sunset pulls it up.

The old well is usually boarded up
But pry the boards; it’s a sun-tunnel;
If you fall through they dig for you
Pulling buckets of ether, only at night.

As you fall you grow real tall
A shadow stretched by hands of light;
But the sun’s just a big bouncing ball
Unless you fall when it is white;

“Hey up there,” you ask, “What do you eat?”
I answer, “Down here we eat gossamer.”
And your sea drips fresh drinking water
Which your earth pulls back when we’re through.

If I could soar up to your earth
And drop my feet back down
I’d grab your ankles, lift them up
And we’d both tumble up to the sky.

Dove Wedding – Little Touches, Big Impact

White Doves have long been known as symbols of peace, love, good fortune, purity and hope. What an appropriate theme for a wedding. Planning a dove wedding typically means one of two things. 1) The symbol is a theme throughout the wedding and reception and 2) In addition to the theme the wedding includes a live release. This article is going to address the first – that is incorporating the theme into all aspects of your wedding.

Start with your invitation: By incorporating a dove image in your invitation, your guests will immediately know that it is to play a role, whether prominently or subtly in your wedding. Having trouble finding the perfect invitation? Turn to and you will soon have more possibilities than you thought possible. And if you want to create your own invitation, you will be flooded with great ideas! And don’t forget about,too, for inspiration!

Lead your guests to their table with dove place cards: It’s a little touch, but a really nice one! Your guests will take note of this subtle use of your symbol.

Centerpiece & Decorations: Although a smallish, white cage with a real (or fake) bird in it would look lovely on each table – it’s not too practical (and would get it in the way of seeing across the table unless quite small). However, you can look into renting them in a beautiful cage to grace the entrance of your reception.

Dove Party Favors: There are no shortages of themed favors on the market. Research thoroughly because the same favor may be offered on another site for a lower price.

Country Theme Wedding – Great Tips On Picking Bridal Accessories

The challenge comes down to the bride’s appearance when planning a country themed wedding. Not to trivialize the groom but there are a lot to chose from for him. The bride’s dress should be like a cowgirl’s attire. A more modern take on the theme. That’s easy to put together. The brain storming starts with her accessories.

Bridal accessories are bit and pieces of details that complete the whole appearance of the wedding. From jewelries, flowers, motifs, invitations and other tiny cute elements essential to a successful country theme.

An invitation can be craft fully made like a wanted sign with the couple’s picture. This will send a much talk between friends and family members . Sending shock to their imagination. Their curiosity definitely will want to make them attend the wedding.

As far as the party goes, barbeque and steak is the preferable, obvious to the theme, menu. A lot of corn, mashed potato and everything American to feel the guests’ hungry stomachs. Metal plates and canteens for the table wares. Other country inspired décor must come into play as well.

Horse back riding for the guests can be included. For the bride and groom a country carriage will do the trick. For the more adventurous couples, saying their vows on a horses back fit perfectly to go with the theme. Country music, love songs, square or barn dances ought to be performed at the reception. Cowboy hats, leather pants and skirts with fringes are delightfully to be worn by those invited. Even Indians can come, what’s a cowboy without the Indians, right? At the same time it depends on the couple’s preference. There are some people who may want their wedding to be an exclusive list of pure cowboys. That’s good too.

Lots and lots of hay stack on the floor and beautiful dried county flowers are good to include for the theme. They add a more country feel to the setting of the wedding. The cake is topped with a cowboy couple being wed. As for the give-away horseshoe designed mini cakes can be a lovely addition. The cake can be shape like a cowboy hat. It all depends on how creative the couples want to get.

When I comes down to the bride’s look traditional wedding gown might not apply. She may wear a white cocktail dress and a boots to match. Then instead of a veil a cowgirl’s hat is worn. Her style must match her surroundings. The whole entourage must also compliment the theme of a country wedding. Little ring bearers in cowboy attire. Flower girls in cute boots and country flowers to match. Fringy leather vests or something similar can be worn by bride’s maids.

The next question is how do you get all these things? There are a lot of bridal shop, nowadays, which caters to theme weddings. They can surely accommodate and accomplish items that are needed. But, one thing’s for sure that will never fail! The internet has sites that can help with these requirements. Whether you’re a wedding planner or you’re the celebrant, it will be a handful to organize this theme wedding.

Sites in the World Wide Web offers do-it-yourself solutions to creative dilemma. There are online shopping that you can do as well. For those who do not live in the United States and needs to have information on how to create this country wedding theme, then goggle your way to new discoveries.