A Wedding Location Rip-Off Eliminated by Wedding Insurance

Here’s a tale about a soon-to-be-married couple who was counting their lucky starts that they had wedding insurance for their nuptials. The day commenced all right with the ceremony taking place outside the location at their attractive wedding ceremony area. Well, it was by a busy avenue and quite a bit of traffic interference could be heard during the ceremonial presentation but the now newly married pair didn’t take any issue with it. The ceremony was not that big of a deal to them.

Now that the couple was married all of their friends and family moved into the building for the cocktail hour. Friends and family were drinking and eating and thoroughly enjoying themselves. This was, after all, a gathering of close friends, a celebration, and all the people we’re reveling. Some snacks might have been dropped and a beer may have spilled a little somewhat. There were a few kids in attendance, too, so they make a little bit of a mess sometimes. There wasn’t anything off kilter when it came to the initial party gathering…nothing that would need any sort of wedding insurance to cover, at least.

The guests then headed into the reception room for the chow time and party time. The food was not the greatest ever. This was, after all, a wedding and when feeding two hundred-plus guests, it’s not easy to create outstanding main courses. Some would even say the food was bland and cardboard-like, but that was something they didn’t really care about. What was important was that all the bride and groom’s nearest and dearest were there to spend time with them and to celebrate their marriage! Wedding insurance was the farthermost thing from the bride and groom’s. The happy couple was preoccupied with spending time and enjoying their loved ones and close friends. They weren’t going table to table thinking, “I wonder what is covered by our wedding insurance policy?”

After dinner, the cake cutting came up next. Up to now, not only had all the guests had a couple under their belt, but so had the happily married pair. They were goof off with the cake cutting and ended up having a mini-cake fight. A little cake in his face, a little in hers, a little more up his nose, a little more up hers, you get the picture. Well, some of the bits dropped on the rug, but no one smashed it into the rug and the bride and groom were sure a food server or worker would have brushed it up immediately. Besides, this probably happened almost every other weekend and even if the carpet got a little stained, surely the wedding locale had wedding insurance coverage also.

Following that-and after cleaning the cake crumbs off of their faces-the newlyweds danced their first dance. All the guests had tears in their eyes during this once in a lifetime dance. After all the other special dances, like the parents and wedding party dances, everyone else joined in the celebration. The disc jockey was outgoing and inclusive and everyone got down on the packed dance floor all night. During the bouquet toss, the bride tossed it way up in the air the flowers actually bounced off of the roof and sprang right in to the hands of the maid of honor. Of course, no person was hurt by jumping for it so no need for wedding insurance again! Maybe the young lovers were wondering if they had wasted their money on a worthless policy.

Now, at the end of the night, almost all of the guests had made their way home and the rapturous lovebirds were spent. They were more than happy with the outcome of their ceremony and reception and they were even more thrilled that nothing terrible happened to the point of having to have their wedding insurance coverage come into play. Amazingly, no one from the reception hall helped them out. The bartender closed the doors behind them and their spectacular day of celebration was complete, only to be alive in their memories. Little did they know the locale owners had been victimizing young couples for quite a while.

A couple of weeks after their special day, the newlyweds got a bill from the owners of the marriage place stating that there was damage caused to their place of business during their time there. They expressed the gazebo was damaged by the ring bearer. They said a table in the entranceway had a cocktail spilled on it and was damaged beyond repair. They had to completely replace it. They stated that the silly cake conflict that occurred destroyed that area of the rug and the entire carpet needed to be replaced. They said that when the bride tossed her bouquet, it hit the ceiling and stained it, so the stained section and the entire main room had to be repainted. The total number of dollars to the couple came out to almost $20,000! Mr. & Mrs. was devastated. They were lost and bewildered. They presumed that they had to give in or get taken to court, and we all know what that can cost. After speaking with their parents and other family members, it was the minister who mentioned their wedding insurance. The frantic pair contacted their wedding insurance representative, and he/she opened up a case to investigate. The couple breathed a small sigh of relief.

Two to three weeks went by and the worried pair heard not a peep and started to sweat a little. They started looking at their finances to see if they could somehow scrape up the money that they were being asked to give up. Their wedding insurance representative finally reached them and told them to come in for a pow wow.

It turns out the owners of this wedding establishment had been making false claims on their clients for years. Whenever they felt they needed something repaired or upgraded, they would blame the previous weekend’s wedding guests. Lucky for them, most newly married kids didn’t think they had any options and whenever they tried to work out a deal, the wedding location directors would threaten them with court. Begrudgingly, couples would just put up and shut up. Never again.

The wedding insurance policy would have covered any damage caused by the new married pair’s event, but with an open case, the wedding insurance broker was able to inquire about and discover what was really going on. Not only did this couple not have to pay money to the reprehensible crooks of the wedding site, but they saved any future embezzlement by these wedding criminals.

Here, typical wear and tear would have been the conclusion and their wedding insurance wouldn’t have had to pay a dime. And now, this couple and their wedding insurance agent are superheroes of a sort for sending those menacing event location managers to jail. Without that couple getting some kind of wedding insurance, the hornswoggle probably would have continued indefinitely.